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    When your eyes are skirting the edge of a field, you might not react to a large trailer. But when you realise it's got a cinema entrance, it starts to feel like you're entering a portal.
    At the first Supernormal Festival  last summer 2010 I was wandering away from the loud music, and into through a temporary cinema entrance that had all the glean and quiet majesty of a twee little cinema, not a big flashy one, with grand diagonal facing signs and box office window.
    There is kiosk as well round the side for teas, snacks, even popcorn! All this in atmospheric night-time lighting and their friendliness is welcoming, and the repertoire lives up to it especially after a long night and you want to see something a bit shorter. Endless varieties of little-known talent, unconsidered ideas and approaches are projected on a very tall screen; like mock-sampling fashion television, or a trailer for an action film done all in gibberish, or a story of a man who has an old friend who is just literally a smiley face with stick limbs. more.........