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    Extremely strange, and more accessible in other places. One showed a young man robbing a local shop, and his grandma finding him there. She ends up showing him how to hold up the place properly when the shop owner sees that he doesn't have the guts. Very unexpected tongue-in-cheek, which was well edited.
    One of my favourites was very lo-fi, someone who walks furiously through the streets at night with a toy baby in a pushchair, a man in a dress and some other unlikely wear, chanting nonsense obsessively in a way that has everyone intently watching. A very funny framing of minimal absurdity. The videos chosen are various in their production quality, which puts exciting light on all walks of the mutinous film industry.
    In the spirit of Moviepals.org and many other independent, open-source or otherwise grassroots ethos-based movements, Luna Cinema could be at any festival or event near you soon.

Jonas Golland